Financial Arrangements

A deposit based on your estimated / anticipated expenses is to be paid on admission. For corporate and insurance patients, a guarantee letter acceptable by the hospital management can be given in lieu of deposit.

During your stay in hospital, you will be regularly updated on further deposits required, if any.

Hospital bills become due and payable at the time of discharge. You may settle your bills by cash, cheque or credit card:

  • All cheques should be crossed and made payable to Pulau Pinang Clinic Sdn. Bhd.
  • The hospital accepts all major credit cards

Insurance Cards

For insurance cards, the handling procedures are:


Patient presents insurance card that is recognized by the hospital

Patient to fill up relevant insurance forms & pay RM300 or co-payment amount as applicable

Hospital to fax initial diagnosis of patient to insurance company

Insurance company to fax back to hospital Guarantee Letter or Reject Letter#

(Note #: Patient will be notified and the hospital will proceed to collect deposit directly from patient)


Hospital to fax bill to insurance company

Insurance company to fax final Guarantee Letter to hospital

Patient to pay charges in excess & for items not covered in payment notice, if any