Please bring with you the following documents to facilitate a proper and smooth admission:-

  • Malaysian Identity Card (NRIC) or Passport if you are not a citizen.
  • Birth Certificate / MyKID if under 12 years old.

Please be punctual for admission. The appointment has been arranged so that ample time is given for preparation to facilitate better care.

Kindly check with our receptionist at the entrance lobby when you arrive. The admitting staff will then complete your registration, confirm your room booking and finalize the financial arrangements.

The availability of your room choice can only be confirmed at your time of admission due to the uncertainty of patients’ discharge and emergency admissions.

Smoking and Alcohol

Smoking and consumption of alcohol within the hospital premises are prohibited. These are detrimental to a person’s good health. Smoking is one of the greatest hazards in a hospital where many people are recuperating from their illness and inflammable materials are being used.


If possible, all valuables should be left at home. Gleneagles Hospital Penang does not assume any responsibility for valuables which you bring with you to hospital.