Maternity Package

Our Maternity Package is specially designed to honor and address the special needs encountered during pregnancy and child delivery. Let Gleneagles Penang be there for you and your baby at the most important and happiest time of your life.

3 Days 2 Nights Maternity Package

RM 2,280 (6 Bedded)    |    RM 2,680 (2 Bedded)

* For Normal Delivery. Terms and conditions applied. Any special medical needs or requirements NOT included in the above package will be charged separately. For more information, contact our Health Screening Centre at +604 – 2229 103.

When Should You Be Admitted

For first pregnancy, labour may start with blood stained mucus from the vagina and intermittent lower abdominal pains or backache. You are advised to go to the hospital when the pains are felt regularly, every 10 minutes or so.

For second or subsequent pregnancy. You are advised to go to hospital as soon as you feel mild regular pains. Do not wait as your labour may be a rapid one and you may not be able to get to the hospital in time for delivery.

If the water bag leaks or breaks, you will notice either a watery discharge or a sudden gush of fluid. You should be admitted as soon as possible.

Admission Procedure

On arrival at the hospital, please register at the Reception. The nursing staff in-charge will then assess your condition. You will be directed to the Delivery Suite (11th Floor) or the maternity ward (11th Floor) where the nurse will further examine you and inform the doctor of your admission.

Your husband may stay with you during your labour (normal delivery) if both of you wish to share the experience. If you have not attended the ante-natal classes, you should ask the staff nurse to explain to you what to expect and do in the delivery room. After the delivery of your baby, you will be transferred to your room in the maternity ward.

Rooming In (For Single Room)

Your baby may room in with you. However, when you are tired, you may request the nurse to keep the baby in the nursery. If you do not request for rooming in, the nurse will look after your baby in the nursery and bring the baby to you during feeding times.

What to Bring

You can bring along with you some clothing, towels, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, comb, toiletries, sanitary towels, socks, reading material, flask, 3 nursing brassieres (if you intend to breastfeed) and a set of baby clothes to dress your baby on discharge.

Other Services

We also provide additional support services below as needed:

  • Induction of labour
  • Breech/multiple delivery
  • Antibiotics
  • Pain Relief In Labour
  • Phototherapy
  • Rubella immunization
  • Blood transfusion
  • Anti-D for RH negative mothers
  • Special nursing care for premature or ill baby
  • Delivery of “Horoscope” baby
  • Epidural anaesthesia
  • Manual removal of placenta
  • Non-routine medication, treatment etc.
  • Circumcision of baby
  • Minor surgery
  • Hepatitis B immunization
  • Room and board for extra days’ stay
  • Additional lab. tests and investigations
  • Vacuum delivery
  • Forceps delivery

Maternity Programme

Whenever you go on a journey, preparation is always necessary. The journey into motherhood is no exception. Attending ante-natal classes gives the mother-to-be the opportunity to learn something about the changes that are occuring in her body and enables her to actively prepare for the experience of childbirth and motherhood.

Gleneagles Penang runs a comprehensive programme which consists of 6 weekly classes, each lasting 1 1/2 hours. Husbands are welcome to attend. A general outline of the ante-natal programme includes:

  • Changes In Pregnancy
  • Process Of Labour
  • Relaxation Exercises During Pregnancy
  • Pain Relief In Labour
  • Breathing Exercises In Labour
  • Feeding A Newborn
  • Care Of Newborn & Infant
  • Common Diseases In Babies
  • Tour Of Labour Room
  • Video: Changing & Bathing Of Newborn

Further details can be obtained from Health Screening Centre, Tel: +604 – 2229 103.