Centre of Excellence

Cancer Centre

A serious illness, cancer is a dangerous and life threatening disease that can affect everyone – the young and the old, the rich and the poor, men, women and children. We understand how disruptive and upsetting it can be when you find out that you or your loved ones have cancer, and we are dedicated to help you fight this illness to the best of our abilities.One of the highest causes of mortality in both developed and developing countries, cancer needs to be managed with exacting levels of patient care and rigour. >> Read More

Heart Centre

Have you or your loved ones experienced severe chest pains, shortness of breath and sudden weakness? If you do, we advise you to immediately consult a heart specialist.

One of the leading causes of severe disability or death around the world, heart attacks, arterial blood clots and other heart diseases are serious illnesses that need to be treated as soon as possible. >> Read More

Orthopaedic Centre

Have you experienced a throbbing ache or pain in your lower back? Torn your ligaments in an active game of sports or even broken a bone?

When medical situations like these occur, you need the help of an orthopaedic specialist. Experienced and trained in treating musculo-skeletal diseases and injuries – from minor shoulder aches and pains to severe ankle sprains, hand and leg fractures, slipped discs and torn ligaments – Gleneagles Penang adopts a holistic approach to healing your orthopaedic injuries. >> Read More