“Golden Years” Screening Package

Those aged 55 years and above are recommended to undergo a complete assessment under the Golden Years Health Screening Package as to add “quality life” to years and promote successful and healthy aging. >> Read More

Maternity Package

This program is specially designed to honor and address the special needs encountered during pregnancy and child delivery. Let Gleneagles Penang be there for you and your baby at the most important and happiest time of your life. >> Read More

Premarital Screening Package

Before you start on your wonderful journey of married life do have a premarital screening done. >> Read More

Health Screening Program

With the fast-paced high stress lifestyle of today, maintaining good health is essential. Gleneagles Penang offers a choice of three options under the Health Screening Programme. This is part of our customized health screens of preventive healthcare program to help you stay healthy and perform your best. Find out more about the options available. >> Read More